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Published on October 23rd, 2014 | by Cheryl CS


Creator Spotlight: Walking Illustrations

A comic convention has comics as far as the eye can see. Naturally.

Image courtesy of Walking Illustrations

Until you come across a booth that has snippets of comics…on shoes. How unusual.

Amanda McCrimmon is the force behind Walking Illustrations, a venture that produces handcrafted shoes and cell phone cases featuring pages from your favourite comic books.

“My boyfriend actually gave me a bunch of comic books one day—he sent them over to me before we were dating and I thought it would be a perfect idea to make shoes to impress him on our first date,” says Amanda. “And he came and he freaked out…but it’s really taken off from there.”

Some might think it sacrilegious to cut up comic books and use them to craft other items, but the practice has become common in the pop culture art world. Artists are using comic pages as backdrops for their paintings or using them to craft jewelry or Paper Mache memorabilia.


Amanda has found that there’s a niche for her items among the female convention-going population.

“It’s the only thing like it at conventions and it’s unique in the community—not a lot of people think about putting paper on [shoes],” she says. “They’re all done with an acrylic base and acrylic sealant. They’ll last in water as well as wear and tear from walking.”

Amanda’s collection of comic-covered footwear can be found on her Etsy page, Walking Illustrations.

CC cover photo credit: Walking Illustrations

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