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Published on October 23rd, 2014 | by Teresa Simmons


Geek or Treat

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Halloween should be the most exciting time for geeks everywhere! Why? It gives you the perfect excuse to become your favourite character from a fantasy novel, science-fiction film, video game, TV show, or comic book. The choices and options are endless. Let your creative mind and imagination run wild. Your goal should not be to simply dress up as someone else, but to also turn into that character, too! Own it. Also, you should keep in mind that your costume should be carefully constructed, not just thrown together haphazardly. Remember: you want your costume to be fashionable and believable.

Become someone you can relate to. Think of it this way: if you could become a different person this very second, who would it be? Try not to choose a Halloween costume because it’s in style and the most popular. Showing up at a Halloween party with exactly the same costume as everyone else would be a complete fashion disaster. Approach it as you would when getting dressed in the morning in your regular clothes. Wear something unique that has personality. Be the opposite of trendy. Think about the books you used to read as a kid or the movies you used to watch. If you choose a character from back in the day, your costume will surely stand out from the rest.

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Think outside of the box. I mean yards, miles, leagues outside of the box. Don’t just become “someone,” become “something.” For example, be your favourite social media platform or dress up as a Smartphone or iPod. Create your Halloween costume based on a techy digital gadget that is out on the market or used to be. Go as an 8-Track Player or a Sony Walkman from the 80s. Again, choose something that speaks to you and that is fabulously geeky. You want to be able to tell a story when someone compliments your inventive Halloween costume.

Dedicate some time putting your Halloween costume together. Go shopping at craft and fabric stores to make your Halloween costume if you can. Making your Halloween costume from scratch will ensure that no one else will have your costume. Or, if you’re feeling particularly resourceful, shop at second-hand and vintage stores to piece together your outfit. And, don’t forget make-up! Your costume is not complete without it. Study your chosen character or gadget and try to replicate it using your make-up.

Get into the spirit of Halloween and have fun creating your costume. If you think that your costume is truly one of a kind, quirky and imaginative, attend a Halloween event or party that is hosting a competition. Or, go somewhere your Halloween costume will be seen (and admired) by a lot of people. Strut your stuff. Lastly, remember to get into character! Become someone else and leave the real “you” at home for one night. Happy Halloween!

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