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How to wear: Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk fashion. Have you heard whispers of this style before in your travels? To the average ears, it might sound like punk rock, heavy metal, chains, studs and spikes (ouch). But steampunk fashion is quite the opposite. It’s brass, chrome, gears, mechanical gadgets, and watch fobs. Think Victorian era, the 19th century, H.G. Wells, and Jules Verne. All of these things are the foundation of steampunk fashion.

Embellished corsets, petticoats and full skirts— steampunk is style reminiscent of the Victorian period. Be prepared to squeeze yourself into a silky satin corset (it would help if you skipped a meal or two that day) and call a friend over to help you “lace up.” Corsets, petticoats and full skirts are the epitome of femininity, so don’t be shy.

Play up your womanliness and flounce around in full-skirted glory. Be coquettish. If you want to add some steampunk edge to your lady-like, frilly look, don a pair of 19th century style pilot goggles.

Steampunk fashion is also Edwardian hats and gloves. A steampunk fashionable woman always wears gloves to complete her look. The more ornate, decadent and old world your accessories are, the better they will fit in with your steampunk style.

What you need are feathers (and lots of them), crystal beads and netted veils to decorate your elaborate hat. You should also wear this said hat with an air of Victorian-era hauteur, poise and grace.

You also need gloves to go with your overstated hat. Your gloves should have pearls, sultry black lace and corseted wristlets to properly greet any potential courters that may come your way. If you want to spice things up, wear fingerless gloves. Remember to paint those nails black.

High, leather, lace-up boots is steampunk fashion at its finest. A higher heeled boot is the perfect addition to your full skirt and petticoat. Choose a pair of lace-up boots that says old fashioned and refined vintage.

To create an original, true-to-life steampunk look with your lace-up boots, it’s best to go for a pair that is gently worn and gilded. Your boots don’t need to be too high in length. Ideally, they should hit right around your knees or a couple of inches higher for the right Victorian-esque effect.

Other steampunk fashion paraphernalia also include parasols, top hats, leather flight helmets, pocket watches and mechanical-like jewelry. With steampunk fashion, you can be bold, wacky, wildly creative, mysterious, and adventurous. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures, patterns and fabrics. And feel free to flaunt your steampunk style outside the boundaries of steampunk, cosplay and anime conventions. I dare you.

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