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Published on April 12th, 2014 | by Teresa Simmons


Make a statement in suspenders

Suspenders used to be worn simply for the purpose of holding your pants securely in place. Now, they are seen as a stylish accessory that every geek-to-be must have. Who needs a belt when you can strut your fabulous stuff in suspenders? The subtle charm of suspenders should be more than enough to win you over. Goodbye belt. Hello, suspenders.

The Casual Look

Goodbye belt. Hello, suspenders.

Suspenders add a punch of personality to the otherwise boring T-shirt and jeans ensemble. Before you ditch your belt for clip-on suspenders, though, you may want to keep the cut and rise of your jeans in mind. Wearing suspenders with a pair of jeans that are too high-waisted can be terribly uncomfortable and can create a look that’s much more geek than chic, which could be horror-movie scary.

Go for medium-rise jeans that sit just below your waist. If you want to brighten up your outfit, wear suspenders and Chuck Taylor sneakers in a vivid, saturated colour like electric purple. Don’t be afraid to show off your swag!

The Cute Look

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A pencil skirt and blouse with suspenders creates an adorable outfit perfect for the weekends when you’re out and about strolling through comic bookstores and pretending not to scope out good-looking guys. You should feel comfortable and look chic at all times, so make sure you choose a pencil skirt with a slit at the back that’s neither too skin-tight, nor too loose.

If skirts aren’t your thing, switch it up with a pair of shorts, but stay away from the short shorts (you know why) and cut-off denim shorts. Nobody likes it when the 80s call and need a piece of your clothing back. Pair your cute suspender look with some equally cute flat shoes and you’re good to go!

The Professional Look

Suspenders worn with trousers and a button-down shirt is geek-chic with an I-look-like-I -work-for-Donald-Trump attitude. Wear a blue and white striped button-down shirt with black wide-legged or boot-cut trousers to channel the Wall Street banker look.

Pinstriped trousers are also a stylish choice. You can clip-on a pair of red suspenders for a pop of colour, or opt for suspenders in a neutral shade such as black, navy or gray. Neutral suspenders will go with just about anything in your wardrobe, and you’ll probably find yourself wearing them a lot more often. Still craving more colour? Wear red lip gloss and rock a pair of red patent leather kitten heels.

Anyone can wear suspenders and look good. It all comes down to how you wear them. Skinny, wide, pink or gray, suspenders can turn any outfit into a geek-chic statement. Just remember to wear your suspenders with a simple, classic outfit that will never go out of style and let your suspenders add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your overall look.

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